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Look Of The Week #24 What to wear when it’s dark and gloomy? White!


Last days, or actually weeks, the weather does’t spoil us at all. Basically, it’s get dark outside before it even gets light. It’s gloomy, it’s cloudy, and this aura can be described in one way only – depressive. The good thing is we still have some colourful leaves here and there, but we are all aware these are the last bites of golden autumn we gonna get this year.

When I open my closet on such a gloomy day, my eyes officially refuse to notice any black or dark clothes. All I crave are light colours that could brighten up my look. And to be honest, also my mind. Total white looks have this undeniable power to not only make you look less melancholy but in fact, to feel less like that too.

If you meet me these days, you can be pretty sure I will be wearing all shades of white, like in THIS LOOK from last year that I’m gonna copy and paste this season too. My favourite combo lately are my off white pants, that by the way are summer pants, cozy white sweater and Veja sneakers. Not a surprise, they are white too ;) After months of deliberating if I need them or not, I finally got a pair and did’t regret this purchase even for a second. This model is called V-12 Ekstra White and I love how timeless this design is.

White beanie is another new piece in my wardrobe. If you are on a hunt for a good quality, chunky beanie, I highly recommend this one. It’s made by a Polish brand The Odder Side and comes also in navy colour. Made of 98% merino wool and with no visible branding, this piece will stay with you for years.

Do you also wear white total looks out of summer season?

With love,


Betty On The Go-White-The Odder Side


Sweater by HM from last year collection

Pants by HM from from summer collection

Beanie by The Odder Side available HERE

Sneakers by Veja available HERE

Trench coat is vintage ESCADA

Betty On The Go-White-The Odder Side

Betty On The Go-White-The Odder Side

Betty On The Go-White-The Odder Side

Betty On The Go-White-The Odder Side

Betty On The Go-White-The Odder Side


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