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How to wear slip dress this summer


Slip dress as a daily outfit? Yes! This trend has been slowly taking place in our wardrobes over the past three years. Although it could have been a bit shocking at the beginning, it is definitely not anymore. Playing with some accessories we can easily dress it up or down and use it for so many occasions, and even different seasons.

This summer it is my number one thing I will pack in my suitcase. First of all because it’s super comfortable and easy to dress. Simply put it on and you are basically ready to go. Secondly, because it doesn’t take much space in your luggage. The silky slip dress is the smallest outfit you can pack and easily squeeze it even into a really small bag. Believe me, been there, done that. I remember once I squeezed it into my clutch bag. Don’t ask me why ;)

There are several ways to play with a slip dress as an outfit. With packing only few additional accessories, you may completely change your look and wear it many times during your travels. Each time looking completely different!

How to dress it down

For a more casual look, when you want just to hang out without looking too glamorous:

  • Wear flat shoes: sandals, slippers or a pair of converse shoes will make you look effortlessly.
  • Add some casual accessories like a basket bag or a canvas bag.
  • Avoid wearing slip dresses with too much lace details.
  • Put a simple t-shirt under your slip dress to give it more sporty look.
  • Add an oversized denim jacket.
  • Put it inside of your jeans or shorts and wear it as a top.
  • Wear it as a tunic with your jeans.

How to dress it up

Nothing easier than to change your slip dress from a day outfit to a night outfit with some simple tricks:

  • Add heels or at least more evening version of your flats. You can also use the socks trend and mix sheer socks with your heels. Some creative examples here.
  • The more jewelry the better: layered necklaces, big earrings or few bracelets putted together will give you the additional glam. Less is more does not work in this case ;)
  • Choose an evening bag or a clutch bag as your accessory to look more chic.
  • Add an oversized blazer/smart jacket for an elegant finish.

If you love to travel in style and packing is always a struggle for you, read also about 6 key things to pack foe a stylish travels.

With love,


Slip dress-Summer look


Dress: TOPSHOP, available HERE


Basket bag: ROBOTY RECZNE, available HERE

Head band: FOREVER 21

Slip dress-Summer look


Slip dress-Summer look

Slip dress-Summer look

Slip dress-Summer look


Slip dress-Summer look

Slip dress-Summer look


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