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Lazy traveler guide how to avoid ironing


Who loves to iron when traveling? No one. And who loves to wear crumpled clothes ? No one also I guess ;) I hate it too but over the time I have developed some solutions how a lazy traveler, like myself, can solve the crumpled clothes problem and avoid ironing. And if you are traveling a lot you probably know very well how hard is to keep your clothes wrinkle free. So here you go :)

1. Iron it first at home – it will be easier to re-iron later

I know, this is a hard work and after putting all the clothes in your bag you will probably need to iron them again. With one difference – second ironing of your crumpled clothes will be much easier. Especially if you have linen clothes it is important to make the first proper ironing at home, with a proper iron. Well, you know the irons in hotels? They have usually very little power and are completely useless if you have very crumpled linen dress. So before every travel I do iron all my clothes first at home. Than after arriving to my destination I take out the clothes that are easy to crumple and let them hang for a while.

2. Do not fold it! Roll it!

Super important part of having less crumpled clothes is the way you pack it. Never ever fold it. Always roll it. First, rolled clothes magically take less space in your suitcase. Second, rolling protect them better from wrinkles. If you are not doing it already, try it next time. Just make a little roles from your clothes (you can also roll few of them together) and put just one next to another in your bag. It will make a huge difference, believe me.

3. Shower – a steamer for every lazy traveler

And now a winner pro tip how to avoid ironing! Going to a shower? Take your crumpled clothes with you and hang them in a place where the steam from your hot shower can reach them. Well… obviously you must take a hot, not cold shower ;) It will work like a steamer! Just one note – this method works the best with clothes made from natural and soft textiles. It will not work that well with some thicker fabrics.

4. Use wrinkle releaser spray to avoid ironing

This works almost like magic. Just spritz your clean clothes with a wrinkle-releasing product, wait until it will dry and voilĂ ! Your clothes are ironed! You can buy a ready to use product or make your own one. Simply add one part of water and one part of fabric softener and mix it well. Spraying lightly onto clothes help to relax the fabric so wrinkles simply drop out once you hang them up and let them dry. Just as easy as that :)

5. Travel steamer can be your best friend

Buying a small travel steamer can be a long term solution that you will love. Also, it will not take much space in your luggage and you will be able to steam your clothes anytime you need. There are not always irons available in hotels and airbnbs and with your own steaming gadget you will be totally independent. You can find some really small and very affordable travel steamers (for around 30-40$) so check this helpful travel steamers review.

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  • Anna says:

    Brilliant tips! I’ve been relying on the shower steaming for a while now but have never heard of a wrinkle releaser spray – I will definitely have to get one of those.

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