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Skiing outfit ideas that will not ruin your budget


Who loves skiing? Or maybe someone would like to learn skiing this season? Not so long ago I didn’t even know how to put the ski boots on and was shaking like a jelly when I had to slide down any hill… Well, I still do shake like a jelly most of the time, hahahahha. Especially when my husband is taking me to the red piste telling me it’s blue and then I realize how high and steep the hill is …

I also remember very well when I was going for my first ever skiing trip and what outfit struggles I had. Like: why this skiing clothes are so freaking expensive? Do I need to buy it all? Can I use my normal winter clothes? Do I have to look like walking banner with all this giant logos on skiing clothes? And many other… So If you are a skiing beginner and not sure if buying all this clothes makes sense (in case you will hate skiing after the first try). Or if you simply do not want to spend the fortune on the skiing gear, I am sharing with you my best skiing outfit finds that will not ruin your budget. Or at least ruin it less!

Some general rules:

  • Your normal winter clothes are not appropriate for skiing as they will not protect you properly from getting cold and wet.
  • Try to dress in layers, as you can get quite hot (you know, all this emotions! ;)) and may need to strip off.
  • Some waterproof pants and at least partially waterproof windbreaker/jacket are essential.
  • If you have the right gear to stay dry, then you can layer almost whatever you want underneath to stay warm (with some exceptions below).
  • Get good ski socks, do not wear normal socks as the ribbed kind will irritate your skin since your boots will be pressed to tightly against your legs, and if they are shorter than the cuff of the ski boot it will create a pressure point where the sock ends (believe me – it’s painful!)
  • Do not wear cloth gloves, they will get wet very fast or you will cut them easily when holding your ski (I have destroyed this way two pairs of normal gloves in two days, before finally invested in my skiing gloves).
  • Googles can be an essential accessory – they will protect you from the sun on a sunny day or from snow and wind on colder days. You can also buy anti fog googles that are savers when you can barely see anything in the thick fog. I have experienced this during my last skiing trip and believe me – without interchangeable lenses I would not be able to ski at all.
  • If you are planning to ski somewhere particularly cold, consider investing in merino wool underwear – very comfortable and for sure will keep you warm. I bought myself merino wool tights and I am loving it!


If you love black and white classic:


skiing outfit ideas


1. Hat 2. Sweater 3. Moon boots 4. Socks 5. Jacket 6. Trousers 7. Moon Boots 8. Jumpsuit 9. Ears warmer 10. Underwear 11. Gloves 12. Jumpsuit


If you love colors:


Skiing outfit ideas

1. Moon boots 2. Top 3. Gloves 4. Jacket 5. Trousers 6. Moon boots 7. Jacket 8. Hat 9. Underwear

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