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Look Of The Week #20 – Vintage Trench Coat Edit


If the little black dress is a queen among dresses, then the classic trench is a king among coats. Did you know that the trench coat has a pretty long history, dated back to the times of the 1st World War? What is interesting, is that it’s hard to allocate the “inventor of the trench coat” ownership. There are two companies claiming for this prestigious title — Aquascutum and Burberry. The first one designed a new type of water-repellant clothing, while the second one, under the direction of young Thomas Burberry, introduced customers to gabardine, a new twill that was both breathable and weatherproof. It’s been a subject of many debates since years, which of these two companies is actually the “father of a trench coat”, and it will most likely never be settled.

While countless fashion trends have come and gone, trench coat has survived the tests of time and you cannot go wrong with such a timeless purchase. I was super lucky to hunt mine on the Asos Marketplace. Do you know this platform? It belongs to Asos group but has quite a different profile. It’s a space where individual and commercial sellers can sell their own designs and second hand pieces. With a bit of patience and a good eye you can hunt some real gems, like this vintage Escada trench coat from the early 80′. I am super in love with it and you can expect to see me wearing it often, once our lifes will get back on a more normal track…

With love,


vintage trench


Vintage trench coat by ESCADA


similar HERE, HERE and HERE

T-shirt by HM available HERE

Jeans by HM available HERE

 Converse available HERE

Necklace by LE BRAND available HERE

Earrings by MANGO (from last year)


Sunnies by CELINE

vintage trench

vintage trench

vintage trench

vintage trench

vintage trench

vintage trench

Comments (2)

  • Aga says:

    Love your look! Obviously :) and didn’t know the history of trench coat, I mean about the second company. Always thought it was Burberry. Great post!

    • Betty says:

      Same! Until I’ve read the trench history, also was petty sure that the Burberry is the inventor! Must be their good marketing ;)

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