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Look Of The Week #21 – Spring Uniform


White on white on white. I think I do not need to prove anymore what is my favourite colour ;) Many thinks that white looks are not particularly practical, but well, I need to disagree. Even though I have a small baby at home, I’m wearing white clothes on repeat. Can’t stop won’t stop. It gives this chic vibes when you mix different white pieces in various textures. But what more, white look brightens up the most tired “mom’s face” and in case of emergency, white clothes are really easy to bleach out ;)

Did you know that in ancient times people believed that white clothes cleansed their bodies, drawing out dirt and filth while they were worn? Eventually, the idea that white clothing had special health benefits went away, but in most cultures this colour still symbolises innocence and purity. It’s also proven that white affects the mind and body by aiding in mental clarity, promoting feelings of fresh beginnings and renewal. Isn’t it perfect colour for spring?

So this year my spring uniform consists of white jeans that I have been wearing on repeat for the last few weeks, matched with different white tops. White blouses, oversized white shirts and sweaters, this is what my spring wardrobe looks like. With changing few things and adding some new accessories, this base will be a perfect introduction to coming summer :)

If you also love white total looks you may find THIS OUTFIT inspiring.

With love,


white look


Blouse by THE ODDER SIDE available HERE

White Jeans by WEEKDAY available HERE

Necklace by LE BRAND available HERE

Bracelet by LE BRAND available HERE

white look

white look

white look

white look

Comments (2)

  • Aga says:

    You rock this white look! Although I think you have to know to match white clothes and what shades of white go together…and I don’t have this knowledge :P And that’s so interesting about the ancient times.

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