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Look Of The Week #11 – How To Wear Slouchy Jeans


Over the last seasons shoes got flat, hemlines got long, and fits became more voluminous. The next category to get the oversized makeover is denim. So say hello to the most relaxed jeans we ever had in our wardrobes. And I am not talking about well known boyfriend jeans. I am not even talking about mom jeans. The new IT jeans of the season are called slouchy jeans and they took all over Instagram and high street shops’ shelves.

These new style denim won two awards at my home. Most loved jeans by me and most hated jeans by my husband ;) Well… boys, what do they know about trends… Key characteristics of this slouchy silhouette are a high percentage of cotton, what means little to no stretch at, all and wider or even balloon style legs. This silhouette is not the most flattering, but there are tricks you can apply to make it work better. First of all, size up and tight it over your waist to make your waist look smaller. Secondly, choose cropped models or roll it to a shorter length so your ankle, as the tighten part of your legs, will be exposed.

I bought my slouchy jeans over a year ago and this model is not available anymore but there is a great choice of this style denim in most of the high street shops right now. You can find few of them lined below. I mixed mine with linen shirt, basket bag and flats but these kind of denim can be worn with basically anything. If you want to make it look more high fashion (aka Isabel Marant style) combine it with silk shirt and throw over an oversized smart jacket.

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Betty On The Go Slouchy Jeans


Slouchy jeans   – OH HEY GIRL STORE, I also love THESETHESE, and THESE

Linen shirt – BOHEMI SOUL

Flats – HERMES


Betty On The Go Slouchy Jeans

Slouchy Jeans

Slouchy Jeans

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