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Look Of The week #13 – Is Casual The New Chic?


Athleisure is a fairly recent fashion trend of wearing comfortable, casual and sporty clothing as your daily outfit. It describes a category of clothing meant to look athletic, but with no inherent technical function. So leggings, cute hoodies, sneakers, and tracksuits, these are all athleisure style pieces. According to data and analytics firm GlobalData, athleisure market will rise 9% this year and study showed that more than two-thirds of us wore sporty clothing not only for exercises, but also for eating out or shopping. And well, I am one of them too. Not only because I am a new mum and these clothes are easy to put on. But also because I find them really stylish and looking good in so many situations. Breakfast with my husband, coffee with my best friend, shopping with my mum – I wore chic sporty pieces on all of these occasions.

Does this mean we should start wearing clothes straight from the gym as our casual day to day looks? Not at all. The line between casual and sporty in very thin. The crucial thing is to know, how to pimp up our look to make it more chic and less sporty. This is the key to wearing athleisure. Put on a smart coat, add an “it bag” and mix it all with bit of chic jewelry. And voila! You don’t look like straight from the gym anymore.

I have mixed my tracksuit with same color palette oversized coat, leather bag and my favorite selection of gold jewelry. For getting more inspiration you can check 320 Best Athleisure Outfits Images In 2019.

Is casual the new chic? What do you think?

With love,


Athleisure - Betty On The Go


Tracksuit by BYNAMESAKKE available HERE and HERE

Coat by MANGO (2 years old)

Trainers by UTERQUE available HERE


Athleisure - Betty On The Go

Athleisure - Betty On The Go

Athleisure - Betty On The Go

Athleisure - Betty On The Go

Athleisure - Betty On The Go

Comments (2)

  • Martyna says:

    Jejku… Perfekcyjne połączenie. Torebkę i płaszczyk przygarnęłabym ♥️

    Cieszę się, że taki trend nastał :) Przyjazny. Dla wygody :) Praktyczny.

    • Betty says:

      Ja również! I cieszy także to, że w końcu można kupić dres który jest i dobrej jakości i pięknie się prezentuje :) I to polskiej marki!

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