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Your ultimate guide to Christmas gifts


Hello my dear readers!

And it’s this time of the year again! Area you ready? Time to get the Christmas tree, take out Christmas jumpers (I’m guilty of having three of them…) and search for perfect gifts for your beloved! My Christmas gift ideas for winter lovers and summer lovers are coming with some inspirations. Hope you will find it helpful & have a great shopping!


PS Dear Santa, I want it all…

Winter lovers gifts ideas

Your ultimate guide to christmas gifts

1.Cable knit warm winter hat  2. Furry gloves  3. Winter jumper with side buttons 4. Smart cat mug  5.Cozy winter pyjama/ travel outfit 6. Warm socks  7. Cable knit scarf  8. Cute thermos (can be used also for mulled wine!) 9. MoonBoots, the best snow boots ever 10. Warm blanket 11. The Bucket List book with beautiful pictures and tones of travel inspiration


Summer lovers gifts ideas

Summer lovers Christmas gifts ideas

1. The most summery lip balm 2. Once piece beach suit  3. The most stylish Spike water bottle (comes in different sizes and colors)  4. The New York Time Explorer with amazing beaches, islands and coasts 5. Picnic basket with all necessary picnic accessories 6. Candles 7. Round beach towel 8. The most comfy eco sandals 9. Floating cactus 10. Summer bag

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