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Chic berets selection to wear this autumn


An it happened… Goodbye summer, hello autumn! Season change is real and so is our wardrobe change. It’s high time to welcome boots, cozy sweaters and coats. What other statement piece do we need this autumn to look chic? There is only one answer to that. Berets! Fortunately for us, this season trends seem to come in line with the weather conditions. Berets in any form, shape or fabric can make us look cool but also keep us warm. Why should we follow that beret trend? Let me give you some reasons:

  1. Well, first of all, who doesn’t admire french style? Ladies that seem not to bother with trends and looking super chic at the same time. First thing in mind when you think about french woman? Ok, red lips. Second? Berets. Beret can perfectly complete any look. The choice is huge as they come in so many options this season. No matter if you prefer jeans, feminine dresses, suites or warm sweaters, there is always a nice beret that can perfectly go with your outfit.
  2. Bad hair day? We all have them. Especially now, with windy or rainy autumn weather. When my hair look flat, messy or I just have no time to style it, beret is saving my look. You can simply hide all the struggles under a nice head cover.
  3. You have no energy or ideas for creative outfit but still want to add a bit of twist to your daily look? Just put on a fancy beret. When I wear a simple cardigan with jeans I usually try to add an unconventional beret to it. Vinyl berets, rattan berets or berets in some bright colours will make the whole change in your simple look. Nice beret can be like a pair of beautiful earrings and make your look stand out.
  4. You already have some old berets? It’s really easy to refresh them by adding brooches, badges or pearls. Play with it and you will give your beret a new life. And save some money too.
  5. Berets can hep your skin look better. When choosing which piece to wear you just need to know how the beret color compliments your skin tone. It is best to choose a color in a warm or cool tone which highlights your skin. For instance, those of us with more yellow undertones should choose a warmer colors beret such as a lime green, orange, red or a rich gold. People with pinky skin color, like myself, should lean towards a beret in cool shades such as a royal blue, purple, and darker green or black.
  6. Last but not least the most obvious reason. But well, who is dressing for obvious reasons, right? Anyway, colder days are here and we al want to stay chic but also warm. Wool berets are a great option to keep you warm if they do not irritate your skin. If you experience a reaction to sheep wool, you should check which kind you have. If it’s the irritant kind, your skin is just sensitive to the short, prickly fibre of a sheep wool. This is actually a good news. It means that you may be able to wear soft Merino wool, and wool blends. As my skin is not in a particularly good relations with wool, I usually try to wear something softer what keeps me warm and not make my skin itchy.

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With love,


Berets selection-autumn trends

1. Helene Berman 2. Moschino 3. Benoit Missolin 4. Roboty Ręczne 5. Leith 6. Kangol 7. Betmar


Berets selection-autumn trends

1. Elisabetta Franchi 2. Brixton 3. Kangol 4. Betmar 5. Kangol


Berets selection-autumn trends

1. Arket 2. Non Signe 3. Benoit Missolin 4. La Coqueta 5. Lola Hats 6. Betmar


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