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Best basket bags for a new season



Ok, if there is any anonymous basket – holic group you have heard about, please let me know. I think I should start attending their meetings as soon as possible. I have so many of basket bags in my wardrobe and I am still getting new ones… You know, because every new one seems to be “absolutely necessary” and “totally different from my other baskets” Hahahahhaha. Especially when I am traveling, it is hard to resist the temptation of having a new piece from the place I am visiting. They are usually hand made and have something special in design that reflects local tradition. Who would resist? For sure not me!

Basket bags are perfect not only for the beach or picnic situation. They can add to your daily outfit that little twist and Jane Birkin kinda look. I am wearing them for any occasion, including official events or evening dinners, because why not? You can also pimp up any basket you already have with adding some pompons, ribbon or a silk scarf. That can change the look of your basket completely and you will feel like you have a completely new piece. Also, vintage baskets that you can find in some second hand shops are more than a treasure. I have seen recently one like this in a small vintage shop in Vienna and I know one thing – it must be mine!

I have also learned how to travel on a plane with your basket. Let’s face the truth, it is not the most handy plane bag, I know… But you can always take it onboard as a hand luggage or if you want to keep it in a suitcase you can fill it in with your clothes what will protect your basket and helps to fit everything it.

As baskets will be also next season must have accessory, check out my selection, maybe you fill find something perfect for yourself.

Have a happy shopping!


Basket bags selection for a new season

basket selection for new season

1. Hat Attack    2. Cult Gaia    3. Muun   4. Ellen and James   5. Ellen and James   6. Indigo & Lavender   7. Roboty Reczne   8. Market Basket



basket selection for new season

1. Sophie Anderson   2. Mar Y Sol   3. Sophie Anderson   4. Mar Y Sol   5. Nannacay   6. Cult Gaia   7. Handbag


basket selection for new season

1. Nannacay   2. Shiraleah   3. Sam Edelman   4. Sunuva   5. Seafolly   6. All Across Afica

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