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5 stylish and feminine looks for a bike ride


First of all, if there will ever be a championship of biking in a dress, I will surely win a gold medal. Believe me, I am such a pro! :)

Secondly, my husband was laughing so much when I told him what about I am going to write a blog post this week. Well… he has four bikes and all are racing bikes. My bike with a basket is not even considered by him as a real bike ;)

But I absolutely love my city bike and would not change it for anything else! We have done many wonderful trips together, including 70 km route from Vienna to Bratislava (you can check the full relation here) or a super fun bike trip from Vienna to Neusiedler Lake (you can read about it here). If you are searching for a nice bike check this page. I got my city bike there, and they have so many stylish options that it’s really hard to decide!

But let’s get back to biking outfits :) I always dress nice and feminine when biking, and I find it not only comfortable but also super pleasant. Well, who would not like to look nice on a bike? ;)

Check out my five stylish looks, maybe you will find it inspiring for your next bike trip!

With love,


1. Dress is always a good idea

stylish looks-bike-outft1.Dress 2. Basket bag 3. Espadrilles 4. Necklace


2. Bikes and playsuits are a great combo

stylish looks-bike-outft1.Playsuit 2. Earrings 3. Basket bag 4. Water bottle 5. Bandana


3. Keeping it cool on a hot day

stylish looks-bike-trip

1. Top 2. Shorts 3. Espadrilles 4. Basket 5. Sunglasses


4. Paper bag denim shorts are a thing now

stylish looks-bike-outft1.Top 2. Backpack 3. Denim shorts 4. Espadrilles


 5. Midi skirt for a retro look

stylish looks-bike-outft1. Top 2. Denim skirt 3. Leather espadrilles 4.Basket bag 5. Sunglasses

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