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5 secret Airbnb tips that will save you money


Airbnb is already a well known online marketplace and a global holiday phenomenon. In a simple way it connects people looking to rent their homes, with people who are looking for accommodations. It has become one of the most popular recourses for renting your stay when traveling and a great alternative for well known If you still do not use it, well you definitely should consider this as Airbnb allows you to find cool and unique locations for your stay and also save you money when you know some Airbnb tips.

But there is more than a financial advantage of renting your home away from home through Airbnb. What I do also appreciate is that this platform connects you with locals and give you the feeling of living like a local and getting recommendations from people really in-the-know. Many of the hosts I had the pleasure to meet just enjoy meeting new people, showing off their homes and giving tips what to see and explore in the neighborhood.

To use this renting platform to the fullest it is good to know some helpful features. Are you ready to find out about 5 secret tips for renting apartment on Airbnb?

1. You can negotiate the price of your stay

Did you know that there is an option to negotiate the price with the property owner? You do not need to agree on the given price, especially, if you are planning a longer stay. You just need to know how to do it.

Here you have 4 steps to negotiate the price:

  1. Select the desired period of staying.
  2. Click SAVE, scroll down and move to Contact Host now.
  3. Then you will see a few more options in the section “What to expect from your stay” but you need to scroll down again and press the button “Message Host Name” where Host Name is the name of the property owner.
  4. Then you will see the place for your message with dates you have selected. Put there your offer and send the message.
  5. If your host will be willing to accept the offer or give you a counteroffer you will receive a message with details and button to accept the offer.

This is exactly how we negotiated the price for our stay in a beautiful Airbnb apartment in the center of Warsaw with magnificent view of The Palace of Culture and Science. You can find the link to this place here.


Airbnb secret tips

Airbnb secret tips

2. Sometimes it may be cheaper to book more nights than you need

It is well worth to check the price for longer time periods than you actually need. How it is possible? The answer is very simple – you may be eligible for some significant price discounts. Most of the places available on the platform offer attractive discounts if you are booking it for a specific period of time. Usually discounts come with a booking of a minimum week+ stay. Your place cost for 7 nights might be still standard rate but adding one night more might make you eligible for a discounted price (service fee and cleaning fee is always excluded from the discount).

Let’s see the simple calculation below how does it work and how this solution can help you save some money. Imagine you need to book a stay for 7 nights in total.


7 nights * 50 euro = 350 euro

but with 15% discount when booking 7+ nights you have: 8 nights *42,5 euro= 340 euro

That is maybe not a huge amount but you have 1 night extra therefore more flexibility for leaving later for example.

Bigger discounts make more sense for longer periods which is usually more than 28 days. Then you might get from 15% to even 40% discounts. With such an option this is already competitive alternative to regular rental contract. An apartment that looks like expensive monthly rental at first sight, e.g. 40 EUR/day which makes 1200 EUR (without fees) can drop to even 900 EUR or in some  cases lower. I saw max 40% discount but 25% is usually a realistic expectation which makes it already much better deal. Of course here you can also apply the first tip – negotiations with the host.


Airbnb secret tips

3. You can see the property before booking it

There is plenty of criteria to search for a property: from a shared room to an entire house and the website itself allows you to browse through location and price and you can see reviews of past visitors. But there is an alternative option if you would like to check the place personally before booking it. If you’re already in town, you can message the Airbnb host and have them send you their address. This way you will be able to take a look around before you book or you can even see it inside if it’s not occupied by other guests. I’ve never done this but I believe it would be a good idea if you want to make sure if the property itself or the area are actually meeting your expectations.

4. You can make an official claim and get a money refund

Many people I now are afraid to book Airbnb place due to the fact it is not a hotel where you can put an official claim that your place is not as expected. Well, they are wrong. You can put an official claim and get your money back if the Airbnb place you have just arrived to is not as presented in the offer or/and on pictures. Just remember about few rules:

  • In first place you always need to contact your host to let him fix the situation of appeared issue.
  • You need to contact Airbnb with your claim within 24 hours of the scheduled experience start time to document the issue properly.
  • In the documentation you need to include pictures, detailed description or other evidences of your claim.
  • You need to be responsive to Airbnb as you may get some additional questions regarding your claim.
  • The issue cannot be directly or indirectly caused by yourself.


Airbnb secret tips

5. You can book it directly without additional fees

It happens to me very often that the place I find on Airbnb is actually a small hotel or a family run guesthouse. This kind of places usually have their own websites and and can offer lover prices that do not contain additional fees. To check it I simply google the name of the place in search if it has any official website or Facebook fun page. If yes, you can contact them directly and ask for the price. This is how I found Carugiu family run guesthouse in very reasonable price in Manarola, Cinque Terre.

The thing I strongly discourage you to do is contacting the host of a private apartment behind any official platform and handing the host cash. If it’s a private person and not a hotel or guesthouse with a proven reservation track you will not not be protected against any scams.

Hope you found my secret tips helpful and your next Airbnb stay will not only be pleasant but also cheeper!

With love,


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