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5 easy hairstyles for a beach day


Beach days are the best days, right? But what to do to still look chic when enjoying the sun? Salt, sand, and sunscreen that stick to your hair… well it does not help to look stunning at the beach. Although a bit of salty water can help achieving this sexy waves look on our hair, the whole day of swimming and sunbathing can make us look not that sexy anymore.

But there are few tricks that I use when on the beach to make my hair look way much better. And to make me feel way much better.

hair styles-beach hair

hair styles-beach hair

1. A little bit of retro hair style

I used to style my hair like this when I was a teenager and now found it again cool and stylish. Even thou you may think it will transform you into your own granny, it will not. Just try to remember three rules.

Rule number one – do not tie the shawl under your chin, but low in the back. Although the first option can also be chic, it adds years and seriousness. Tying the shawl low back on your neck makes you look more girly.

Second rule – use the shawl in some colorful summer print that is matching your bikini and play with different patterns for some creative looks. Marine style, polka dots or maybe you like this super colorful Versace print that is so hot this season?

Rule number three – remember that the shawl tied tight around your face can underline all the flaws. To make it more flattering for your face leave some loose hair around your face. Especially, if you have a round face shape.

hair styles-beach hair

hair styles-beach hair

2. Create a headband from your bandana

Another trick that I use a lot. Especially on a bad hair day or when I do not have possibility to wash and style my hair. I always carry in my suitcase several different bandanas to complete my hair style with. Simply use bandana as your head band.

My recent discover are two-sided bandanas with two different prints. With only turning the bandana on the other side you get the different print and well, save some space in your luggage too. Try at home different styles of tyeing the bandana on your head. You can tie it on the top, on the side, or even make a bow. And what is also important, with only a little practice you will be able to tie it without any mirror. Once I gained this skill my beach life got so much easier.

hair styles-beach hair

hair styles-beach hair

3. Hat trend is the life (and hair) saver

I did invested recently in a more expensive hat but still my all time favorite is a simple and cheap straw hat I got some time ago. Because it was cheep I am not afraid to take it to the beach and because it’s a simple one it perfectly goes with any kind of beach wardrobe. When my hair look really bad I just put the hat on and can still look fine and chic. The picture you see of me in a hat was taken on a camper tour when I was sunbathing and swimming and didn’t have a possibility to wash and style my hair for few days in a row.

hair styles-beach hair

4. Top knot is never out of style

This hair style saved my look many times already. And not only when at the beach. Grab your all hair, tie it at the top of your head and create a little knot. It’s a flattering hair style for most of the face shapes. If you practice a bit, believe me, you will be able to style your hair this way even with eyes closed. To make your top knot more fun decorate it with a bandana or a ribbon. Your hair will look great no matter how much time you have already spent at the beach.

5. Braids for life

Braids are not only for little girls. And there is so many ways you can use this style! A regular three-strand braid, fishtail braid, french braid, milkmaid braid, upside down braid…  just to name a few. You can check them all here.

You can stay in your braid all day long and once you will dissolve your hair in the evening you can enjoy this curly hair look. Also, you can decorate your braid in many ways: with hair clips, bandana or even fresh flowers. Follow my creative Polish friend Wiola on her Instagram account for beautiful braids inspiration. She creates some real masterpieces!

Have a wonderful and chic time at the beach! And check also Basket Bags Selection perfect for a beach day!

With love,



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