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Look of the week – 4 ideas to give your trench coat a new life


A trench coat. Timeless piece that probably majority of us have in our wardrobes. Chic, stylish, easy to wear and never goes out of style. The only issue I have with that wardrobe staple is that sometimes I get bored with it and start to think about getting a new one, with some new refreshing details. And this is how we get tempted by clothes designers revealing every year a trench coat with this one small new detail that makes all the difference. And also makes us immediately want that new piece. But wait… couldn’t we just pimp up our own trench coat and give it a new life instead of buying a new one? Check my ideas on how you can transform the classic trench coat by adding some simple accessories that you surely have at home. New season new trench coat! Well, almost new ;)

1. Change the belt

Probably the easiest way to give your trench coat a new life. Depending on what effect you want to achieve, add the belt that will give you a certain finish. A raffia belt will work perfectly for a boho look and is so in line with current trends. Wider leather belts will give more masculine touch and look great with boots. Or try gold chain belt for that chic finish with high heels.

2. Use a scarf

I love this styling and use it a lot recently. Take a scarf that you love and that will go with the rest of your look and tight it in the back instead of the classic trench belt. And voilà! Your new trench is ready. With this simple trick you can not only give your old coat a fresh look but it also helps to adjust the shape and width of the coat. My trench coat is an oversized model one size to big comparing to my standard sizing, so if I want to make it look more tailored I just tie the knot in the back and it immediately makes the trench look tighten.

3. Play with brooches and badges

trench coat

This trick is easy and has so many ways to create your old-new trench look. Clip the brooch according to your mood, outfit and creative idea. I will tell you my secret I use for this trick. Very often instead of a classic brooch I clip earrings. This is exactly how I styled my trench coat on the picture above. Just added my golden knot earrings. Easy, cheap and chic.

4. Add some twist sleeves

trench coat

To make this one work you only need two small scarves. They can have the same pattern or different but complementary. It’s all up to you and your creativity. I took an old scarf I found in a vintage shop, cut it in half to have two of them. Than just put them in the cuffs instead of classic trench straps. How easy was that?

Have fun with styling your own trench coat and let me know your creative ideas ! You may also want to read How To Style an Oversized Blazer.

With love,


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