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3 Stylish Looks For Easy Summer Hike


First of all, if you are a pro hiker approaching more difficult and challenging trails, this post is definitely not for you ;). I am sure you already know the best what hike clothes to wear and of course you need more professional gear. But If you are an easy hiker, exploring less challenging trails and searching for some stylish looks – there you go :).

I did all my hikes so far in Rax Mountains, Tatra Mountains and Sudety Mountains (all with easy, beginners trails), using just my regular, comfortable clothes. And I can honestly say I did not need anything more. With only two exceptions – you need good shoes & something against wind/rain in case of weather change.

Avoid wearing shoes with soft sole, so no converse shoes, no trainers and no sandals (not kidding, I have seen some people wearing them…). The edgy stones you will be walking on can easily cut the sole. Or even worse, you can twist your ankle as this type of shoes does not give a proper protection. I hiked in my Dr. Martens shoes and they were perfectly fine but you can also invest in a professional hiking boots. Worth considering if you feel like hiking is your thing. Also, remember that these looks are for a summer hike with a good weather conditions. Hiking in higher parts of the mountains requires warmer and more professional clothes.

So check out my three hiking looks for an easy summer hike. And let me know if you have any tips for an amateur hiker :)

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White Vibes Hike Look

1.   Backpack   2.   Playsuit  3.   Bandana  4.  Boots  5.   Water bottle


Dress To Impress Hiking Look_1

1.   Dress   2.   Backpack   3.   Boots   4.   Thermos


Short Shorts Hike Look (1)

1.  Backpack   2.   T-shirt   3.   Necklace   4.   Shorts   5.   Boots

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